Oilfield/ Industrial Consulting

Design/ Project Mgmt./ CAD Design-Drafting and Custom Fabrication

Welding Fabrication

OIC Enterprises, LLC and Gemini Fabrication, LLC, a JV company, that provides worldwide services for the Oil and Gas, Refining, Oilfield Industry, Petrochemical Industries and Industrial/Commercial Development Industries.

Experienced team members are assigned to each phase of design and their work reflects our goal to be one of the best, safest and most productive in the industry. Our team of professionals works closely with our Clients to thoroughly understand each project and be responsive to their needs.

OIC Enterprises offers a full spectrum of turnkey services including design, project management, inspection, field surveying of plants and procurement. We are large enough to offer a full range of services, yet small enough to ensure that each project receives the personal attention that our clients deserve.

OIC Enterprises, LLC / Gemini Fabrication, LLC • A Joint Venture